Welcome to Sabatino's


When you visit Sabatino's Sausage Companya.k.a. Lido Shipyard Sausage Company, you know you are about to experience a type of cuisine not known in this country.


Monday Thru Friday

9:00 a.m.

Saturday & Sunday

8:00 a.m.

As you may know, we are famous for our unique sausage started by the Sabatino family in Sicily in 1864. This sausage is blended with a special goat milk cheese from Sicily. The natural moisture from the cheese makes this lean meat juicy and flavorful. All our food is prepared Sicilian style, fresh to your order. You will find all of our food of an extreme excellence. We serve award-winning Caesar salad and the most delicious of soups.

We hope your dinner will be a great experience. We encourage you to share this experience with your family and closest friends.

Please call for reservations (949) 723-0621.


Knowing you can't believe what you hear, read, and sometimes even see, you can believe what you taste.

~ Sabatino Ognibene, 1864